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“Nourish is more than just a spa – it’s an experience. We love what we do! We’re enthusiastic. We’re energetic. We’re friendly. We’re professional, and we’ve got spirit!”

I pulled this off of their website HERE, and let me tell you, Lindsey and I could not agree more. From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed by everyone that worked there. The ambiance was perfect and the atmosphere was a place I knew I could settle in to. My lovely esthetician Brittany was super. She laughed at all of my jokes, and made me feel at ease (even if I wasn’t funny….although the fact that my boobs fall into my armpits when I lay down, is funny) My facial was a perfect balance of soothing and therapeutic (as you can see in the oh so lovely photo that Lindsey took of me that I, and my hair, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves) After that extreme luxury she gave me a manicure and pedicure in giant comfy chairs, with a heated wrap, candy and water with strawberries floating around inside (delish).  Nourish is owned and operated by medical foot health specialist (Chiropodist) Cristol Smyth. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to meet her adorable little baby if he pops by for a visit while you’re there. Thank you so so much to Cristol and to Brittany(who I now love cause she said I had good skin, well she almost said that, she actually said my skin wasn’t as bad as I said it was), and Cheryl for being so welcoming (everyone working was just really lovely), and to quote Cristol during her interview with Lindsey (while I was off being pampered) “when a woman’s whole self is well, she thrives”, so let the thriving begin!!. If you haven’t checked out what Lindsey had to say, head over to her blog for a much more detailed  post.


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This weeks adventure brought us to a very well loved place in town. Craft Food House. Owners Nuno and Zab were sharing restaurant stories around a campfire and decided to jump in head first and buy Harden and Huyse and make it their own. Customers have told them how much they love that they have removed the cafeteria feel and made it more like a “New York Loft”. From the lights and the yellow entrance way to the cosmopolitan menu, Craft Food House doesn’t disappoint. Their entire menu consists of ‘if they can buy it local, they get it local’. They offer take out around town and will literally walk it up to your store/home if you can’t venture out (call for more details).  Their amazing coffee comes from Trebilcock coffee roasters, a father and son Roastery that delivers fresh quality farm-to-cup perfection. Craft Food House even caters!! So if any of my future brides are looking for amazing catering that will make your event look and taste REALLY good, give them a call. When Zab and Nuno aren’t working hard at Craft you can find them supporting George and Orange hanging with their friend Jenna. So, if you’re in town and looking for a delicious healthy breakfast or lunch, stop by and check them out, you will not be disappointed. (and don’t forget to grab some dessert, Lori is an excellent baker and always serves you with a smile)  Look for them on FACEBOOK or their WEBSITE. Check out what Lindsey has to say (she’s much better with words than I am) at Listwithlinz.ca

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What can I possibly say about a business that has the slogan “Ask me about my balls….” written on their t-shirts.  Well I can say a LOT actually. It all started in July of 2016 when at the ripe old age of 17, Dawson Campbell (you may recognize the name) decided to become a young entrepreneur. With the support and encouragement of his mom (shameless mom plug here, yes that’s me) he started off strong and has never looked back. When we interviewed Dawson he stated that ‘you’re always guaranteed a good time when you play with my balls’ so Linz and I put it to the test. We smashed into each other, flipped and rolled, and never once injured ourselves. And if you know me, that is no easy feat, I can injure myself looking at a doorknob. Once you fall a few times, you learn it’s actually a lot of fun to fall and roll knowing that you’re not going to injure yourself. When Dawson was  younger he dreamed of being a Firefighter, but now that he has the entrepreneur bug, he has decided to go to college for Business Entrepreneurship and hopes to live a life free from working for anyone but himself. The recommendation is that people be at least 7 years of age to play with the balls for safety purposes and be no taller than 6ft 4in. Depending on how spring goes he hopes to have smaller balls in for children under 7 by the end of summer. Dawson recently decided to have a winter package deal at the Baltimore Turf and it has been the most popular to date. For $250 you get 6 balls for an hour and the turf is included in the price. You can add on additional balls for $20 each. I was exhausted after 10 minutes of play (who am I kidding, remove the zero, ONE minute of play) so it definitely makes for a really good work out. Dawson’s balls are made out of a material called TPU. Balls made out of this material are more expensive than those made from PVC, but TPU is odourless, more durable and gives more of a bounce. And if you’re into the environment (which EVERYONE should be, they are recyclable) When asked the personal question of “what colour is your underwear” (wow this seems really weird considering he’s my son AND I do his laundry) his answer was pink, with hotdogs. Yup, leave it to Dawson to be unique. You can find out more information about this young entrepreneur on his Facebook page HERE, his Instagram page HERE or his Website HERE.IMG_9073IMG_9075IMG_9082IMG_9089IMG_9104IMG_9105IMG_9111IMG_9115IMG_9117IMG_9123IMG_9131IMG_9137IMG_9356

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Ever wonder what your small town has to offer? Well Lindsey Edwards (Lindsey Edwards, Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty) and I have teamed up to spotlight local businesses in our hometown of Cobourg, Ontario. Each week we will feature one business and all that they have to offer you, whether it be food, alcohol, clothing, spa services or alcohol (oops did I already say that?) whatever they have to offer, we will be there to show you. The first business up this week was the wonderful and friendly GEORGE and ORANGE Taproom and Kitchen.  Where could you find such a place you ask? At the corner of….you guessed it, George and Orange. The quaintest little place you ever did see, “where everybody knows your name” (sing that to the Cheers tune). The owner Jenna Fitzgerald will make you feel like you’ve known her for years and that you’re right at home. This place offers cocktails, craft beer, yummy meats, cheeses, and even duck wings (yum yum). Thanks to Matt and Ben.  Feel free to see her menu below.  Much of her beverages and meals are purchased as close to home as possible as Jenna loves to support local. As soon as the Farmer’s Market opens up, she will be there.  When we asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, right away she said she wanted to be a Marine Biologist, but at 17 years old Jenna went into the hospitality business and has made this her amazing career instead.  Jenna opened up this past December and wanted a little something that didn’t ‘feel like Cobourg’. Once you’re inside you just feel so cozy and welcomed you won’t want to leave. Jenna is overwhelmed with all of the love and support she has received from the local community.  Without Kay and Steven (the previous owners) and other local businesses encouraging and supporting her, she wouldn’t be where she is today. Just to spice things up (keepin it real) we wanted to ask something personal. So Jenna….”what colour is your underwear “…..Jenna takes a peek “navy”.  And to top it off when she’s not eating out 4 nights a week(often at Craft), she’s at home eating Mr.Noodles. Now you know a little something about Jenna, she loves food, people, and wears navy underwear.

George and Orange Taproom and Kitchen is having their grand opening on February 10th and 11th and will have some yummy drink specials. Head on down early, this attractively unusual little place holds 40 people so it will fill up fast!!



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