Linz and Erin’s Excellent Adventure Part 7

Holly Woods is a force to be reckoned with. She is funny, smart and witty, AND she runs a successful studio in the East end of Cobourg called, you guessed it “Holly Woods Studio” (541 William St #4a, Cobourg to be exact). If you’re looking for some new eyebrows, she’s your gal. Holly has done extensive schooling and has perfected the microblading technique. From brow to wow. I just made that up. (not really but I can pretend)  It’s a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo and if you’re feeling like you’re sick and tired of penciling in your brows, or for other personal reasons, tattooing them in is the way to go. With the name Holly Woods, how can you possibly go wrong? As soon as you walk in to her store you will feel immediately at ease. She’s easy to talk to, easy to listen to and as you can see from her pics, easy to look at 🙂 Feel like getting your nails done? CHECK. Feel like a fancy night out on the town and you suck at doing your own make up? CHECK. Feel like having someone TEACH you how to do your own make up? CHECK. Need a little bit of your body waxed? CHECK. How about a little facial. CHECK

Holly, when not in the studio is likely out and about at a photo shoot, wedding or other fancy event. (hint hint to all of my upcoming brides that still need a make-up artist) She has been in the health and beauty industry for 12 years and really really knows her stuff. For a full list of her services check out her website at For a much much more detailed list of awesome stuff about Holly, jump on over to Lindsey’s blog and see what special things she has to say (she’s special alright)

Holly TRIED to take a picture of us, clearly she likes the flawless look

Check out those eyes!!

90’s glamour shot gals.

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