Linz and Erin’s Excellent Small Town Adventure | Part 4

“Nourish is more than just a spa – it’s an experience. We love what we do! We’re enthusiastic. We’re energetic. We’re friendly. We’re professional, and we’ve got spirit!”

I pulled this off of their website HERE, and let me tell you, Lindsey and I could not agree more. From the moment we walked in we felt welcomed by everyone that worked there. The ambiance was perfect and the atmosphere was a place I knew I could settle in to. My lovely esthetician Brittany was super. She laughed at all of my jokes, and made me feel at ease (even if I wasn’t funny….although the fact that my boobs fall into my armpits when I lay down, is funny) My facial was a perfect balance of soothing and therapeutic (as you can see in the oh so lovely photo that Lindsey took of me that I, and my hair, thoroughly enjoyed ourselves) After that extreme luxury she gave me a manicure and pedicure in giant comfy chairs, with a heated wrap, candy and water with strawberries floating around inside (delish).  Nourish is owned and operated by medical foot health specialist (Chiropodist) Cristol Smyth. If you’re lucky enough, you may even get to meet her adorable little baby if he pops by for a visit while you’re there. Thank you so so much to Cristol and to Brittany(who I now love cause she said I had good skin, well she almost said that, she actually said my skin wasn’t as bad as I said it was), and Cheryl for being so welcoming (everyone working was just really lovely), and to quote Cristol during her interview with Lindsey (while I was off being pampered) “when a woman’s whole self is well, she thrives”, so let the thriving begin!!. If you haven’t checked out what Lindsey had to say, head over to her blog for a much more detailed  post.


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