Type 1 Diabetes – Celebrating Diaversary Number ONE

Today marks Dawson’s 1 year Diaversary (Diabetes Diagnosis Anniversary). It is a very bittersweet day. While I am obviously very happy that he is alive and healthy and for that I am thankful, it is also a day of sorrow as we remember the day he was diagnosed, mourning the loss of a healthy pancreas and knowing that without insulin he WILL die. Click HERE if you missed his diagnosis post. This first year has been a roller coaster of ups and downs (literally). Type 1 Diabetes demands a lot of work. You never get to forget about it, or just deal with it tomorrow. And it’s hard. Very hard. And it sucks ass. A lot. It sucks to know that this whole diabetes things isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but Dawson, he’s been amazing. He has handled this whole year with such grace and dignity. Never complaining, never letting it stop him from living his life to the fullest. He has been so patient with his disease.  Living every day testing his blood sugars, counting carbs and injecting himself with insulin while still being an active teenage boy. With over 1500 injections and over 1500 finger pricks I’d say that alone is enough to celebrate!! Today we celebrate LIFE. For without insulin, he wouldn’t have his. Please, Pray for a cure.



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  • Becca Partington - Hi Erin,

    My friend Sonya Sedgwick suggested I connect with you. My son Eli was diagnosed in October, age 9. Doing well – self aware, loving, emotionally resilent to all of this.
    My husband Kristian and I and our daughter have adjusted well, go to the school for insulin and are currently enduring some mega swings (4.8 – 21.8 yesterday!)

    The reason Sonya suggested I connect was (on top of the power of peer support) we are building a campaign to get diabetic costs covered by OHIP. My husband is a writer and I work for a small business, hence, no covereage. PRHC has been generous with supplies but that will end. We have met with our MPP and are building a case for the Minister of health. Always looking for support and like minded, creative, intelligent and compassionate folks! CheersReplyCancel

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