Linz and Erin’s Excellent Small Town Adventure | Week 5

What can I possibly say about Francesca and Karma Lifestyle? First of all when you walk into Karma, the first thing you feel is peace. It has an immediate calming effect on you, which I TOTALLY need these days.  They say Yoga reduces stress so I was eager to get into the studio but not before I am greeted by the oh so adorable Zoya (the Queen is pictured in her favourite chair). Lindsey and I were excited to try out the new Aerial yoga that my daughter has been practicing over the past few months and Francesca did NOT disappoint. Aerial Yoga is a fun twist on yoga poses combined with acrobatics as you are suspended from the ceiling, standing into the silks or supported by the silks with your feet on the floor. I’m not gonna lie, I was terrified. I have serious issues with trust. So for me to trust a piece of fabric to hold MY body from the ceiling, took a giant leap of faith. And guess what! I’m here to talk about it. I didn’t fall, and I didn’t die. The fabric is totally safe and I never fell once (Francesca was there spotting and helping the entire time) And as many of you know, if someone’s going to hurt themselves, it’s gonna be me. I’m sure many of you would be shocked to hear that I am not flexible (haha, not a chance, I’m pretty sure EVERYONE knows I am NOT flexible) but somehow I managed to get into a few poses and felt some really great stretches. Lindsey was much more daring than I was and even did some funky poses upside down.(yay Linds) (and yay Dawson for giving it a shot and being our photographer) If you’re looking for some amazing yoga classes go to their Website and see what is a good fit for you. Francesca makes you feel totally at ease. She would never put you in a class that you aren’t comfortable in. She will find a perfect fit for all levels (even a level zero such as myself) If you haven’t given Aerial yoga (or any yoga) a shot feel free to head on over to Karma Lifestyle to check it out, you won’t be disappointed. Also, you will smell amazing when you leave because she has some yummy smelling essential oils for you to try. Head on over to Lindsey’s blog where you will find a much more detailed post about Karma and our experience there,  and of course if you’re looking to buy a house contact Lindsey at

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